Little Free Library from Pay it Forward Anchorage

On Friday, I was shocked with a brand new Purple Door Little Free Library. It’s gorgeous. It’s HEAVY — the base of the new LFL is at least 200 pound of steel with reinforced concrete. And it has flower boxes. I’m so in love with it! She’s so beautiful. And, sadly, chained to my mailbox.

The back story can be found in my previous post about my LFL being stolen, thrown in the dumpster and then finding a note in my mailbox which forced me to chase just-emptied dumpsters to no avail.

On a very momentous Friday night, Jon and I were headed out for a Friday night bike & bear ride. He was late and I wasn’t too happy about it because Resolution Brewing Co. only stays open until 8pm and getting home at 6pm, then riding over there really cuts off the time we can taste the new beers on tap.

As I was waiting for him to get organized, I looked out the front window and saw about five or six cars come screaming down Shamrock Street then stopped on the opposite side of the street, all facing south. Then a huge truck and trailer pulled up and blocked my entire driveway. Everybody got out of their cars and walked towards the trailer. I was a little freaked out and ran outside. The first thing I saw was Rachel’s cute little puppy and her gorgeous daughter.

Rachel had tears in her eyes … I asked if she was OK and then it all happened so FAST: the stand came out, the top came out, they bolted everything together, planted flowers and loaded me up with boxes and bags of books.

It all happened so fast and it was a little mind blowing but fabulous! It was so beautiful to have that much love coming from all of them — people I didn’t know, other than Rachel and her family.

IMG_3215 IMG_3219 IMG_3230-2 IMG_3231 IMG_3232-2  IMG_3237 small for internet sharing-2-2 small for internet sharing-2-3

Our first book delivery arrived on this kick ass Vespa :) More book love from Mountain View!

small for internet sharing-2

KTVA did come visit and showed a quick blurb about it on their station – Saturday or Sunday, I’m not sure which, but I cannot find any video of it. The story was a “feel good story” about me being back in business. It was pretty neat because Jacquie, the reporter, was in on the entire Pay it Forward building of the new LFL.  It really was a very awesome community love project. There’s nothing but good vibes from this library!

If you’re looking to find a LFL in your neck of the woods, check out the very cool map that’s found on the website for LFLs. Spread the literacy love with free books: take one, leave one! 

Yes, I did get some beer that night, too: Resolution’s second batch of amazing coffee porter. If you missed it, I feel sorry for you. Amazing!


Purple Door Free Little Library / Stolen / Redeemed and Getting Reinstalled

We installed the Purple Door Little Free Library on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11th, 2015.

Sadly, after months of working on our Little Free Library, setting up the charter account, getting the neighborhood involved and getting everything in place, our Little Free Library was stolen Friday night between 11pm and 6:30am June 5th – 6th, 2015 (Friday/Saturday). The thieves took the huge stump that the library was bolted onto, which was from a neighbor’s old 30+ year tree that was removed, every single book and the entire library!

I received gobs of media attention: KTVA, KTUU, Alaska Dispatch News and the many radio stations picked it up for Monday morning news. There was also some National attention and Twitter about this awful thievery. I put an advert on Craigslist as well and had some lovely responses to it – but no good hook-ups to collect donations from those who were so invested in helping after seeing the news.

Lemons out of Lemonade:  

Monday 6/8/15, I received a telephone call from an older man whose mother read my story in the newspaper on Monday morning. She had a library that she wanted to donate to me. Her husband started it three or four years ago, but he died and did not get to finish it, so she wanted to donate it to us because she knew we could complete the roof and put it to use. She’s 92! How awesome is Anchorage! I just love it!

The saga continued with friends reaching out from all over the USA! I received lots of love and support from the Little Free Library Stewards Facebook page, including lots of books from all over the USA.

Thursday night 6/11/15: we received a somewhat anonymous letter (in that nobody can find this person’s name anywhere in Alaska) stuck in one part of our mailbox.

Little Free Library Stewards

Letter about our stolen Free Little LIbrary

The worst part about this: we didn’t know which dumpster and the dumpsters we did check were all cleaned out Friday :(  Therefore, it’s believed that our Purple Door Little Free Library is in the Anchorage Municipal Landfill so we will never see it again. BOO!

I’ve spend a few miles riding around the neighborhood talking to the gangs of kids walking and playing in the parks, trying to find out who Zoe Brayloke is, but there is not one single kid in our entire neighborhood who knows her, or will fess up to knowing her. In the end, it doesn’t matter because she was kind enough to leave us a letter so we know the library was thrown in the dumpster.

Saturday, 6/13/15: I received a package of children’s books from the Little Free Library on Olive Road.  Great books and very nice donation to our new library.

Little Free Library on Olive Rd

Little Free Library on Olive Rd

Little Free Library on Olive Rd

Little Free Library on Olive Rd

Little Free Library on Olive Rd

Little Free Library on Olive Rd


On Saturday 6/13/15, Madeleine and I finished up moving the mailbox and grass and creating a wonderful concrete pad for new, upcoming, Little Free Library installation.  At this point we need to figure out a way to secure it so it won’t be stolen again, keep it safer than last time and possibly make it known that it is under good coverage with cameras.

Yes, I am discouraged by the loss of my Purple Door Library, especially given that it meant so much to me, but I am not letting those jerks win.  I’ll keep installing and reinstalling libraries if I have to.

The next thieves should be aware of the hidden cameras in our neighborhood now … not just my house, but the many other neighbor’s as well. This thievery has really pushed buttons with our neighbors.

But the Little Free Library wins!!

Little Free Library Stolen

Sadly, after months of working on our Little Free Library, setting up the charter account, getting the neighborhood involved and getting everything in place, our Little Free Library was stolen between 11pm and 6:30am 6-5-2015 to 6-6-2015.  The thieves even took my huge stump that it used to sit on. I’m just disgusted that this has happened. My Mother’s Day 2015 present has been stolen. People are creeps. 17543748562_2e9bd11875_o 17477893206_0e7e955942_o 14385775102_5b22b7c3d0_o 14180109676_434e2a9685_o   Some of the news companies around the United States have picked up the story:

Indiana: Daily Journal

KTUU Anchorage, Alaska



KTVA Anchorage, Alaska


It definitely feels like spring when it’s almost 50 degrees at 11am.  Jon and I did our usual dog walk from home through JBER. We only heard birds and saw no wildlife – but it felt wonderful to be out and about so early in the morning with the warm sunshine.

small for internet sharing-1466

Water beetles are huge and interesting. They always freak out the dogs.

small for internet sharing-1469

Antlers headed to the lower 48.

small for internet sharing-1471

Pennie Lane is a baby and won’t walk with me unless Jon comes along. It’s weird. She started this about 3-4 months ago. Most days she stays home while I walk the other three.

The trail is a little mushy – but this is better than it usually is in May/June – so it’s really easy to walk on right now. And because nothing is green yet, it’s not too scary back there.

small for internet sharing-1473

Mimi walks ahead with the bear bell – scaring off the moose, wolves and bears.

Fat Tire Bike Over the Rivers and Through the Woods

Yes, there was a silver lining despite changes in ride plans today.  I had to cancel riding with Clark because I have a dinner at 5:30 that I cannot miss. I didn’t think I could do the Bird to Gird(wood) trail, plus have lunch / beers and make it back in 3-4 hours (probably 30-40 miles). So, I decided to go for a ride myself because it was too beautiful to stay inside. The ride was totally organic with absolutely no plan. I ended up doing 13 miles through Far North Bicentennial Park.  My proudest accomplishment?  I was able to do every single hill, both up and down, without walking at all – even the steepest hills!  Woohoo.  My 125 pound squats must be really making my legs strong.


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If you look at the map and notice the whacky bit at the end: that was Pepper Ann escaping from the garage when I pulled my bike in … I had to chase after her and ended up using two other Boston Terriers as live decoys to trap her and put her on a leash.  Ugh.  She’s such a booger.  She immediately ran for JBER :)  Gotta love a dog that loves being in the woods!

Icy Leaves

We’ve had some odd weather – in the mid-40’s and lots of melt, which has caused the fall leaves to be tumbled around the neighborhood. It almost looks like fall again. It’s weird. Today it’s freezing so I played around with my new tripod. medium for flickr-2113 medium for flickr-2109 medium for flickr-2118