It definitely feels like spring when it’s almost 50 degrees at 11am.  Jon and I did our usual dog walk from home through JBER. We only heard birds and saw no wildlife – but it felt wonderful to be out and about so early in the morning with the warm sunshine.

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Water beetles are huge and interesting. They always freak out the dogs.

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Antlers headed to the lower 48.

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Pennie Lane is a baby and won’t walk with me unless Jon comes along. It’s weird. She started this about 3-4 months ago. Most days she stays home while I walk the other three.

The trail is a little mushy – but this is better than it usually is in May/June – so it’s really easy to walk on right now. And because nothing is green yet, it’s not too scary back there.

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Mimi walks ahead with the bear bell – scaring off the moose, wolves and bears.

Fat Tire Bike Over the Rivers and Through the Woods

Yes, there was a silver lining despite changes in ride plans today.  I had to cancel riding with Clark because I have a dinner at 5:30 that I cannot miss. I didn’t think I could do the Bird to Gird(wood) trail, plus have lunch / beers and make it back in 3-4 hours (probably 30-40 miles). So, I decided to go for a ride myself because it was too beautiful to stay inside. The ride was totally organic with absolutely no plan. I ended up doing 13 miles through Far North Bicentennial Park.  My proudest accomplishment?  I was able to do every single hill, both up and down, without walking at all – even the steepest hills!  Woohoo.  My 125 pound squats must be really making my legs strong.


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If you look at the map and notice the whacky bit at the end: that was Pepper Ann escaping from the garage when I pulled my bike in … I had to chase after her and ended up using two other Boston Terriers as live decoys to trap her and put her on a leash.  Ugh.  She’s such a booger.  She immediately ran for JBER :)  Gotta love a dog that loves being in the woods!

Icy Leaves

We’ve had some odd weather – in the mid-40’s and lots of melt, which has caused the fall leaves to be tumbled around the neighborhood. It almost looks like fall again. It’s weird. Today it’s freezing so I played around with my new tripod. medium for flickr-2113 medium for flickr-2109 medium for flickr-2118


Fat Tire LOVE in Anchorage, Alaska

Clark & I participated in a Fat Tire bike ride 50K, which was put on by Bike Anchorage.   The ride was actually 36 miles through super wet and slushy / icy trails with lots of sunshine – it was actually pretty awesome and one of the longest days I’ve spent outside, in Anchorage, in the winter, my entire life (aside from skiing – but there’s none of that this winter – and there wasn’t much in 2014 either).

The day prior to the ride, I picked up a rental from Arctic Cycles – because Billy & Erica are AWESOME and rent bikes at reasonable prices.  I took a quick 5 mile ride through Far North Bicentennial park to get used to this bike and completely fell in love.

This was my second time renting from Arctic Cycles this winter. In fact, earlier in February Clark and I road 10 miles through Far North;  we got home to -15 degree temps. We were so numb we didn’t want to risk getting in the 104 degree hot tub, so stayed inside and drank tea until we could feel our limbs. Even though it was pretty bitter cold, it was one of the best days of the winter for me – just being able to push myself really freaking hard and enjoy the little amount of light we have is super important.

These photos were taken by Jonathan – remember, he’s a damn good film maker, not a photographer :)

I’m so freaking glad we moved to the Eastside – having access to all of this green space is wonderful and makes me feel so healthy and happy and connected to Alaska.

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Studs work! Ice squeals :)

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Trying the studs on the glare ice.

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Concentration is required for glare ice roads, with or without studs.

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Stud squeals :)



2015 Bicycle Fest poster


The images below are from our my first FAT TIRE ride. We were both dressed really well for the cold, but when it’s -15 when you get home, not much can really keep you warm.



Clark and my bike at the Klutina Off Leash dog park.


Jon even tried out the fat tire bike and liked it. He looks pretty damn good on it, too.


Clark at near sunset – about 3pm at the top Far North parking lot, which easily loops back to my house.


Clark and I stopped to warm up at Kaladi Brothers, Tudor, and up pulled the Mushing for Mocha guy and his dog sled team.


Pushing through the snow is really freaking hard. I actually prefer the icy with studs.