SKULL. No Rules. My collaborative piece is coming together with Chelle Gonzalez and Jonathan Lang

Chelle. Bob's 4
Chelle. Bob’s 4
colabrative piece
Chelle. Laundry.

Spenard Tattoo is hosting an Art Show for the month of October. The Theme of the show is: SKULL. No Rules.

Interpret that any way your creative mind would like. Looking for any and all artists that would like to display their artwork. Any medium. Any kind of skull: Human, animal, fish, lizard, alien…….

Any direction you want to take it. Halloween, day of the dead, zombie, sugar skulls, tattoo designs, flash designs, 1/2 sleeves, backpieces, stained glass, collage, taxidermy, sketches, watercolor, paintings, wood carvings/sculpture, decorations, skull food (for opening night: cakes, chocolate, etc) silkscreen, clothing, shoes, mounts, paper mache, scratch board, computer art, spray can art, etc……

As long as it can fit through the front door, let’s make this happen. Open to anyone, Potluck style. We are looking to get as many artists involved to get many different creative ways to interpret a Skull.

Due Date: October 1st, so we have a few days to put the room together for Opening Night, October 4th. from 6-11pm.

All entries, please make 2 cards with your name, contact info, medium used to create art & price if you choose to sell artwork. One for the wall, the other attach to back of artwork (so nothing gets lost, or the owner cannot be contacted.)

***Do make sure any real skulls are legal in the state of Alaska to sell. Same with Feathers, bird/animal parts, do your homework to make sure they are legal. :)