Fat Tire Bike Over the Rivers and Through the Woods

Yes, there was a silver lining despite changes in ride plans today.  I had to cancel riding with Clark because I have a dinner at 5:30 that I cannot miss. I didn’t think I could do the Bird to Gird(wood) trail, plus have lunch / beers and make it back in 3-4 hours (probably 30-40 miles). So, I decided to go for a ride myself because it was too beautiful to stay inside. The ride was totally organic with absolutely no plan. I ended up doing 13 miles through Far North Bicentennial Park.  My proudest accomplishment?  I was able to do every single hill, both up and down, without walking at all – even the steepest hills!  Woohoo.  My 125 pound squats must be really making my legs strong.


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If you look at the map and notice the whacky bit at the end: that was Pepper Ann escaping from the garage when I pulled my bike in … I had to chase after her and ended up using two other Boston Terriers as live decoys to trap her and put her on a leash.  Ugh.  She’s such a booger.  She immediately ran for JBER :)  Gotta love a dog that loves being in the woods!

Icy Leaves

We’ve had some odd weather – in the mid-40’s and lots of melt, which has caused the fall leaves to be tumbled around the neighborhood. It almost looks like fall again. It’s weird. Today it’s freezing so I played around with my new tripod. medium for flickr-2113 medium for flickr-2109 medium for flickr-2118



last night the stars aligned and i had the most perfect boudoir session i’ve ever had!

nichole begich did all of the make-up and assisted with the boudoir session.

Meet S: she’s a new client i seridiputiously met through her girlfriend. it’s a complicated story, but while at the Rarefied Light show at the museum a few weeks ago, her friend was asking photographers for a good portrait photographer and another photographer walked her friend up to me and we chatted. I didn’t expect to hear anything back … it happens like that a lot, but, surprisingly, S contacted me and we met for coffee a few days later. the concepts were discussed, and the appointment was set.

these photos are going to be a surprise for her fiance on the morning of their out-of-state wedding — about 3 weeks from now. how’s that for an excellent start of a marriage!

anchorage studio boudoir photography jamie lang photography

anchorage studio boudoir photography jamie lang photography

anchorage studio boudoir photography jamie lang photography

p.s. for all the ladies who have thought they would love to do something like this for their sweethearts, let me tell you a little secret: nichole and i will be hosting a “boudoir 101 session” for ladies to come and see what what happens behind the scenes of a boudoir shoot. this is your chance to feel comfortable before setting up your own appointment with nichole and i. details and date will be announced in the next 2-3 weeks.