snoot-y afternoon


today madeleine and i played around with my snoot while we updated all the ipods. it was just a quick photo session but there are images of both of us here. fun times with my “model” child :) also – the bandaid is from getting her forehead burnt at allure day spa and hair design from a two fish gallery display that the owner of allure had also gotten burnt on. sucks because it caused a huge scar in the middle of her head. jon calls her his “unicorn.”

wedding: ampersand s & m


seth and mariah – an upcoming september 2010 wedding. we did a little pre-shoot when they were here visiting to finalize their wedding details. it was a fun shoot and it’s obvious that they’re in love. the ampersand will be finished for their wedding and we’ll reshoot it with them in their wedding day clothing.

chicas and cousins


bobbie was up from seattle so we had the perfect opportunity to get the kids together and get us some cute photos. expect little grumpy pants wouldn’t cooperate. look closely and you’ll find ONE image of him … he’s running through the background. the booger!